Need assistance?

If you are stuck or not sure how to do a job please feel free to ask our staff, we are here to help make your job easier.

Project and package deals

Do you have a big project in mind? Engine swap, modification or restoration project? Give us a call for our package deals and get the best pricing.


Overnight storage

Can't finish a project in the same day? Leave your car here overnight locked up safely and securely in our shop at our affordable rate of $20 per night. 

Lift &tool rental

Rent a 2 post lift or an open bay and a complete tool box filled with nearly 400 professional grade tools (hand and air tools). Additional specialty tools and our shop equipment are also available and included in the space rental.

Shop rates

Bay rental with a lift                          $25.00   per hour                                      

Bay rental without a lift                     $20.00   per hour                           

Tool box                                             $5.00    per hour

Welder                                                $5.00   per hour 

car club and car forum rates

Member of a car club or a car forum? Have your monthly meeting here. We have large parking lot in front of the shop. Ask about our club meeting package.